I'm a programmer, artist, gamer and an avid cook. A Rutgers NB Alumni with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. Interested in Front-End and iOS/MAC Development.

Currently residing in Hoboken, NJ. Manali, HP.

Menu App

Built Using: React, TypeScript, Vite, Sass, Firebase, Figma

I wanted to build a way for people to scan a qr code and order together as a table. While I could have built it as a mobile App I wanted it to be as accessible as possible, so I landed making a web app. While having built the core functionality I wish to build on top of this in the future to make a product.


Built Using: Swift, SwiftUI, Figma

This was my first IOS App, having built apps on flutter SwiftUI gave me a similar experiences. And happy to say I enjoyed making the App and will continue to create more in the future. I wanted to not have to think too much on App ideas and just picked an already exisiting Idea that I could put my spin on.

ACNH Vill Finder

Built Using: Swift, SwiftUI, Figma

My Goal while making this App was to implement a tinder like interaction of card swiping. To keep the scope low I scrapped images of villagers from the popular game Animal Crossing using python instead of making a full blown tinder copy. Then I built the App using SwiftUI to give it a robust and enjoyable user experience.

Sky State

Built Using: Swift, SwiftUI, Figma

Wanted to make use of Apples Weather Kit api. So I designed and made a simple and clean looking weather app.


Built Using: Dart, Flutter, Figma

I wanted an App that would let me track my weekly tasks like gym laundry etc. Im sure if I looked I could have found 20 better alternatives built by much smarter people than me, but I wanted to give this Idea a shot. I used flutter for this as I was familar having built some simple apps using it already.

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